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Re: Liaoning Fossil Exhibit In UK

Dino Guy Ralph wrote:

> >and Changchanornis, a
> > fully feathered dinosaur which may have moved in flocks.
> Really?  Perhaps the article is referring to _Changchengornis_, a bird closely
> related to _Confuciusornis_ (which, being much more common, is more likely the
> bird that formed large flocks).  _Changchengornis_ would still be a feathered
> dinosaur, of course, but the passage above is bound to confuse the general
> public.
> Identification, Luis Rey?

Well of course it's a mispelling in the report... yes it's that little perfectly
preserved marvel Chanchengornis,  slab and counterslab. Forgot to mention it in
my previous report . There were many more marvels I couldn't mention in just a
few sentences.

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