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Re: Skull crests

paleo_mont wrote:
> There was a paper out there that proposed it, using Triceratops, and Oxygen 
> 18/19 isotopes if i recall right. Is a possiblity that one of the functions 
> was for cooling the beasts down. Though any appendage or  anything sticking 
> out of the head or body can work as a radiator. There is probally another 
> thermoregulatory paper out there as well dealing with ceratiopsians as well. 

I wonder... is there any correlation between increasing frill size and
decreasing tail size? Dinosaur tails in general would have had large
surface area to volume ratios, and therefore handy for dumping excess
heat. The tails of large ceratopians seem to have got a lot smaller,
relatively speaking, than the "billboard" tails of protoceratopians.

I wonder if there is any correlation between frill size and climate as
well. Protoceratops has both a relatively large frill and a good sized
tail. Leptoceratops seems to barely have a frill at all (but I'm not
sure exactly what the tail was like). Was Canada in the Late Cretaceous
much cooler than Mongolia in the EC (hence smaller frills on


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