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RE: feathered ornithopods?

"Kris" wrote:

> > (although who knows exactly what animals the Koonwarra feathers, deep 
> > in polar hypsilophodontid territory, came from?)
> I never heard of this....... If someone could fill me in please, I'd
> really appreciate it. 

Koonwarra is a place in southeastern Australia ... imprints of feathers have
been found here dated at Early Cretaceous age ... these feathers have
assumed to belong to Cretaceous birds ... but Dann suggested they may belong
to hypsilophodontids ... bones and teeth of hypsilophodontids have also been
found in this part of Australia from the same time and place ...
southeastern Australia was very cold at this time ... it lay much further
south and so was situated much closer to the South Pole giving this part of
the world long polar winters... for several months of the year in fact ...
so small dinosaurs (like the Aussie hypsilophodontids) may have required an
insulatory body covering too ... at least during the polar winter.

Hope that ... helps.



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