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Re: feathered ornithopods?

ville sinkkonen wrote-

> hey dann.
> you probably know anwser to this ,have there found any deinonychosaurs in
> australia???

I know this was addressed to you Dann, hope you don't mind me reaching into
my theropod file...

Jaime Headden feels the probable coelurosaur Ozraptor is a basal

Ozraptor Long and Molnar 1998
= "Austroraptor" 1995
O. subotaii Long and Molnar 1998
Bajocian, Middle Jurassic
Colalura Sandstone, Western Australia, Australia
Holotype- (UWA 82469) (~1.6-2 m) distal tibia (~170-200 mm, 40 mm wide)
Diagnosis- high rectangular ascending process with straight dorsal margin;
centrally placed vertical ridge in astragalar facet; weakly developed medial
Comments- originally found in 1967 and identified as chelonian by the BMNH.
Prepared and reidentified as theropod by Long in 1990's.
Reference- Long, J. and Molnar, R. (1998) A new Jurassic theropod dinosaur
from Western Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum 19 (1);

Besides that we have-

undescribed dromaeosaurid (Rich and Rich 1998)
Victoria, Australia
Material- (large) ulna
Reference- 1998 Flat Rocks Site Report.

Do you have a specific horizon and locality for this Dann?  Perhaps a
measurement, or complete reference?

undescribed dromaeosaurid (Currie, Rich and Rich 1996)
Early Aptian, Early Cretaceous
Wontohoggi Formation of the Strzelecki Group, Victoria, Australia
Material- (NMV P186343) tooth (Currie, Rich and Rich 1996)
Description- serrations only present on posterior edge.
Comments- This is also known in troodontids and some basal coelurosaurs.
Reference- Currie, P.J., Vickers-Rich, P., and Rich, T.H. (1996). "Possible
oviraptorosaur (Theropoda, Dinosauria) specimens from the Early Cretaceous
Otway Group of Dinosaur Cove, Australia." Alcheringa 20(1-2): 73-79.

undescribed velociraptorine (Long 1998)
Early Albian, Early Cretaceous
Eumerella Formation of Otway Group, Victoria, Australia
Material- teeth
Description- teeth moderatly recurved with coarse posterior serrations and
no anterior serrations.
comments- These characters are also found in troodontids and Microraptor.
Currie, Rich and Rich are studying these teeth.
Reference- Long, 1998. Dinosaurs of Australia and New Zealand and other
animals of the Mesozoic Era.

And that's it for the specimens referred to dromaeosaurids, but there are a
few more that should be mentioned-
Timimus hermanni does look to be maniraptoran, but not dromaeosaurid.
The dorsal vertebrae NMV P186302 is rather dromaeosaur-like, but was
referred to the Oviraptorosauria by Currie et al. (1996).  It could use
further examination in my opinion.
Kakuru kujani, though always said to be avimimid, has little evidence for
such an assignment.  Still, doesn't look dromaeosaur to me.
A humerus from the Miria formation (specimen number?) was presented as a
possible dromaeosaurid, but Rutger's right in that it looks more like a

Mickey Mortimer