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Fossil Attractions in Virginia

Hey all,
Next week I'll take a much-needed break from work, psittacosaur studies, and 
thinking about the insane impending baseball strike when I will travel to 
Virginia.  I won't have much time to explore fossil attractions, but I am 
wondering if the list has any suggestions.

I am aware of the major ones (i.e. the Virginia Museum of Natural History in 
Martinsville), but are there any other sites that are worth visiting?  Any 
other museums, especially in the Norfolk/Williamsburg area?  I know of an EJ 
footprint site near Culpepper...are some of these tracks on display anywhere?  
And, there is supposidely a dinosaur model park somewhere in the Shenandoah 
Valley.  Has anyone checked this out?  

Thanks for any suggestions!  Reply on or off-list, if you wish.


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