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Dinosaur Skeleton Smuggling Uncovered * Scotty the T-Rex needs money badly * Pterosaur skull suggests sex and violence *

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The headlines:

**  Chinese relics face flooding
Many sites will be inundated including those that contain fossils of
dinosaur eggs dating back 60 million years, human skeletons from the Old
Stone Age 800 000 years ago, as well as buildings of the Ming Dynasty

**  Dinosaur Books For Grown Ups
Twenty dinosaur books of interest to all. We feature a selection for adult
readers with an interest in the subject

**  Scotty the T-Rex needs money badly to keep doors open
Plans to complete an elaborate facility to display Saskatchewan's only
Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton -- and boost local tourism -- will become extinct
unless someone digs up another $500,000

**  Diggin' dinos
For a hundred years, scientists called palaeontologists have shovelled,
picked and even dynamited their way through layers of rock and dirt in
search of prehistoric fossils

**  China Customs Uncovers Dinosaur Skeleton Smuggling
China's customs have seized 2,080 ancient animal fossils and 10 dinosaur
skeletons from a smuggling ring


**  Man's hobby grows into fossil museum
"I want kids to learn science and be more aware of their environment and the
scientific process," he said. "Their favourite is the T-rex skull"

**  Pterosaur skull suggests sex and violence
New research on a giant fossilised pterosaur skull suggests the flying
dinosaur may have preyed on fish at the sea surface like a modern skimmer

**  Fremont dinosaurs growing a new coat of green
Fremont won the pair from the Center, whose gardeners wearied of chasing
squirrels from the ivy, for a mere dollar

**  Palaeontologists dig up dinosaurs around Montana this summer
Two Tyrannosaurus rex skeletons and several duck-billed dinosaurs will be
rousted out of their Montana beds this summer

**  Dino-birds come to UK
Remarkable fossil remains of feathered dinosaurs - perhaps the ancestral
cousins of modern birds - are being shown in the West for the first time

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