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Thalassodromeus report

This one from the CBSNews.com site:

Alan Feduccia, a dinosaur expert at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said the authors "have done a splendid job of bringing this large and remarkable ... pterosaur back to life."

<Horrified Gasp> Since when was dear Alan Feduccia a "dinosaur expert"?? The leader of the birds-are-not-dinosaurs movement a so-called dinosaur expert?? What was CBS thinking of when they rang him up??

BTW, any news on Thalasoodromeus's relationships with other pterosaurs? Tapejara? Tupuxuara? Pteranodon?? The Cretaceous deposits of South America are really turning up some really great pterosaurs...

We have here Anhanguera, Pterodaustro, Cearadactylus, Tropeognathus, Tapejara & Tupuxuara, and now Thalassodromeus

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