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RE: Documentaries & Sabertooths

Jeff et al: 

I was not meaning to cast aspersions on the reputations of Dr. Martin or
Dr. Feduccia.  Actually, I think that both men are good scientists.
It's just that lately (the last 5 years), Dr. Feduccia has seemed to be
grasping at straws attempting to bolster his theories - and downplaying
the significance of the feathered dinosaur discoveries.  [NOTE: I am
using "dinosaur" in the colloquial sense - i.e. non-avian dinosaurs; and
"bird" as avian dinosaurs].  As Jeff indicated, this is mostly due to
the fact that his life's work (the book) was essentially invalidated -
if you believe that the fossils actually show feathered dinosaurs (as
most of us do).  I sympathize with him, but he seems to be twisting
science a little bit.  Nothing illegal or unethical - he just ignores
certain characters when creating his phylogeny, or re-interprets
characters as something that fit better with his world-view.    

Dr. Martin has said that there are certain things that would prove to
him that birds descended from dinosaurs.  His outlook seems to me to be
more open.  Remember that he was part of the "Dream Team" that went over
to China to see the first _Sinosauropteryx_ specimens.  He is well
respected.  He just doesn't share the same view as the majority of most
dinosaur workers. 

As I said before, the proper thing to do is to look at errors or biases
in their work - NOT to attack the people.  Bear in mind that everybody
makes some mistakes in their work - even Albert Einstein made some

Allan Edels 

[Jay Leno once mentioned that "Einstein's first wife divorced him
because he was cheating on her - so remember that not even the world's
smartest man could get away with it!" :-)].