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Thalassodromeus sethi

     I'm afraid -- let me rephrase the prelude: I am pleased to announce that Mr. Feduccia's comments re: hornbills are not entirely accurate. Their vascularized crests serve a combination of functions, not the least of which is brain cooling. Much work, as I have noted previously, is being conducted on this (intricately linked to visual acuity). Mr. Feduccia is contacted by the tribalist drummers of the "media" because, it would appear, he enjoys making sound bytes (limited thought coupled with monosyllabic processes) which the "media" can distribute. I remember a time in the 1950s when any fossil discovery was virtually ignored, except for the Leaky Family work in Africa. Personally I don't care how many times someone telephones Mr. Feduccia for a quote, as I ignore him, do not believe  he objectively examines methodologies, refuse to support him by! p! ! urchasing his books -- the fact the pterosaur discovery is being discussed in the "mainstream media" means that paleontological perspectives, however indirectly, are being brought forth into the minds of the "masses".
      For those with a bibliographical mind-set:
      Paul Recer, 2002. Unknown fossil reptile found. Associated Press 18 July <http://wire.ap.org> This story is, actually, quite concise and accurate.