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Personal attacks on paleontologists

Those who are discussing Drs. Feduccia and Martin in personal terms are 
strongly urged to read Section 8f - Ad Hominem at the Administrivia tab of 
our web page.  We have been down this paleo road many times before.  See: 

       8f) Ad Hominem   The phrase "Ad Hominem" is frequently used 
       incorrectly in terms of its historical definition. People often think 
       the phrase refers to insults, but it is actually more general in the 
       context of a logical argument. Technically an Ad Hominem argument 
       is one that addresses characteristics (or supposed characteristics) 
       of a person presenting an argument rather than the presented 
       argument itself. People addressing the personalities of others 
       may be subject to a one week timeout whether the attacked person 
       is on the list or not. Check the archives for just about any 
       of Robert Bakker or Alan Feduccia and you'll find offenses of this 
       policy. As with flaming, a second such offense may get you removed 
       from the list permanently. 

You have been warned.

Mary Kirkaldy
Dinosaur Mailing List Co-owner