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Re: African neognaths

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Sent: Friday, July 19, 2002 8:34 PM
Subject: African neognaths

> The African neognaths
> With all the recent studies regarding the placental radiation,and the
> subsequent "discovery" of Afrotheria,one might wonder if the same holds
> for Tertiary neognaths.I've been examining evidence for neognaths
> en geographic origin,based on fossil evidence and DNA-studies to look
> there are groups wich might have been ancestrally African.All in all I
> to this conclusion,and I would like to know what certain people on the
> think about it.A reply would thus be nice.
> I found these groups to be ancestrally African:
> Cathartids seem to be their closest relatives but first appear in Eocene
> Europe,................

Mlikovsky 2002 removed all Cathartids from Europe's list:


Fred Ruhe