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RE: Dino Birds UK

On Sun, 21 Jul 2002 HPB1956@aol.com wrote:
> Luis Rey wrote on 07/17/2002:
> > It was a very special, emotional moment for me to be near (for the first 
> time)
> > to the little holotype Sinosauropteryx specimen. 
> I know this feeling too. In February of this year I saw little 
> Sinosauropteryx at the Fuhlrot-Museum in Wuppertal/Germany. A moment to 
> remember.
> A question: is photographing allowed? I'm thinking about visiting London and 
> this exhibition. And there's one thing I learned at the Fuhlrot-Museum with 
> it's surely smaller exhibition of fossils of the Jehol Biota: make 
> photographs because there's too much to see to remember everything afterwards.

Would taking photos be allowed?

Well, with this little gizmo, you can be a paleontological James Bond:

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