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Whilst working on a reconstruction of Megalosaurus, I realized that I knew very little on this theropod aside from it being a waste-basket for nomen dubia and that it is a Brit and that it was one of the first dinosaurs to be named, etc.

1.How many species are valid within Megalosaurus?
2.What horizon does it hail from?
3.What type of ecosystem was that horizon?
4.What type of flora would have been present?
5.What other species of amniotes were present?
6.What is the estimated length and mass of Megalosaurus?
7.How much material has been assigned to the valid species?
8.Is Megalosauridae a valid grouping?  If so, what supports it?
9.Should Torvosaurus and Poekilopleuron be sunk into Megalosauridae?

Thanks in Advance!

Nick Gardner

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