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Re: feathered ornithopods?

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

> undescribed dromaeosaurid (Rich and Rich 1998)
> Cretaceous
> Victoria, Australia
> Material- (large) ulna
> Reference- 1998 Flat Rocks Site Report.
> Do you have a specific horizon and locality for this Dann?  Perhaps a
> measurement, or complete reference?

The only theropod ulna I know of comes from the cross-tunnel at Dinosaur
Cove (106 MYA). It was mentioned in the 1998 Flat Rocks Site Report, but
only in the context of the Rich's trip to Europe and North America with
various Victorian specimens in tow. I know that the Rich's don't
consider this to be dromaeosaurid anymore (at least, not specifically).
There is a picture of it in "Dinosaurs of Darkness", where it is
attributed to Dinosaur Cove rather than FLat Rocks. Other than not,
nothing serious has been published on it (that I'm, aware of).


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