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Re: feathered ornithopods?

"Tracy L. Ford" wrote:

> The climate of New Zealand at
> that time seems to have been temperate, judging from the dinosaurian and
> plant fossils. Some plant material suggest that leaves were dropped during
> the winter forming leaf mats although conifers, not these deciduous forms,
> still apper to have dominated the forest in this region. The recovered
> dinosaur material shows no special adaptations to cold climates...

That we know of, based on modern plants and animals.

> How can New Zealand be temperate while Australia frosty?

Have you ever looked at the limit of permanent ice at the North Pole? It
doesn't follow a straight line at a specific latitude. Localised
geographical features, and differing ocean currents, can cause some
areas to be warmer than others at the same latitude.


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