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Re: Antarctica moved too (was RE: Warm southern winters)

"Tracy L. Ford" wrote:

> I don't know Australia's climatic (except for that huge
> desert), and the outer northern (?) crocodile infested area, but there is a
> more temperate forest there right? Where is it?

In Victoria and Tasmania we have temperate rainforest.

> So, let me understand what your saying. The southeastern corner of Australia
> and the adjacent portion of Antarctica were next to each other. The
> Australian side had permafrost, while the adjacent Antarctica, which was
> real close to each other, was more tropical? Ok...

See the figure at:

...mentioned in a previous post. Parts of Antarctica were further from
the pole than the furthest reaches of Australia. Plus, if there were
less ocean bodies around Antarctica, then different ocean currents may
have caused localised difference in climate (as would geographic
features like mountain ranges, etc).

> Well, as I can say is for now (and you never know, I may one day change my
> mind but I doubt it), you can put frost on the ground and feathers on what
> ever animal you want. I just don't buy it.

As is your right. Wouldn't it be boring if everyone agreed on
everything? There'd be no further research, for one thing. "Bones" of
contention can only further palaeo research.


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