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Idaho EK Ceratopsians

While reading through Chinnery et al.'s 1998 paper on neoceratopsian teeth from 
Utah and the EK of Maryland, I noticed this reference in the bibliography:

Weishampel, D. B., Meers, M. B., Akersten, W. A. and McCrady, A. D., in 
preparation, New
Early Cretaceous dinosaur remains, including possible ceratopsians, from the 
Wayan Formation of eastern Idaho. 

I was wondering if anything has been published yet.  It was listed as in prep. 
instead of in press, which likely means that I have to wait for the paper...:-)

Does anyone know anything (other than confidential or embargoed) information on 
these remains?  Tom Lipka?  Or, if I must, I will be more than happy to 
patiently wait and envision exactly what these ceratopsians might be.


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