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Re: postulated bird/pterosaur competition... with a little HUMOR (?) at the end :o)

I don't see the contradiction.  I think there may well be an inate structural
limit for the size/weight ratio of feathers that limits how long they can be in
a flying bird.  This would act to limit the bird's wingspan.  That has nothing
to do with the seperate issue of comptetion (which I don't feel strongly about
anyway).  Even for a smaller bird the size of an eagle, the feathers are
reported to weigh about twice as much as the skeleton.  But note that in all
fairness, this is an area that I'm not terribly interested in and haven't given
much thought.

philidor11 wrote:

> <I think the larger pterosaurs also may have helped keep birds from becoming
> larger (sort of the inverse of John's view).>
> Are these mutually exclusive alternatives?  Might the inability to compete
> with the larger pterosaurs have caused birds to specialize in a way that
> formed the structural limitations?
> Just curious.