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RE: Warm southern winters

>> See <http://www.alphalink.com.au/~dannj/ecenvir.htm><< > 
>> Nice link. So can all those plants you listed live in a climate that freezes 
>> over? Do any of them do that today? 

Some of them (or their close relatives) definitely do
_Equisetum_, (small ones admittedly) live well inside the arctic circle today 
in Scandinavia and so do _Isoetes_ . 
_Ephedra_ (Mormon Tea) thrives in the deserts of the Great Basin which can be 
durn cold in winter. 
_Ginkgo biloba_ which is a native of central China does fairly well in southern 
Scandinavia which has moderately cold and rather dark winters.
Osmundaceae (mentioned in an earlier post from Antarctica) in the form of 
_Osmunda_ grows to ca 60 degrees north in Scandinavia.

Tommy Tyrberg