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dinosaur/pterosaur competition

   T.H. Fleming, the bat scholar, with Karen Lips in 1991, published an interesting paper, Angiosperm endozoochory: were pterosaurs Cretaceous seed dispersers? American Naturalist 138(4):1058-1065, which explores another aspect of this question. The complex paradigms of predator-predator and predator-prey interrelationships, using game theoretic mathematical models, is one tool with which to approach this subject. It is quite possible that, in environmentally stressed regions, pterosaurs and feathered theropods (I have seen no evidence that ornithischians possessed feathers, and believe it improbable; it has, yet, to be demonstrated with extant fossils, how ornithischians and saurischians derived from the same common ancestor: perhaps, it was ancestors in different clades) competed with each other for each other, for insects, nectar, fruit, etc. A ther! op! ! od or a pterosaur would  not have to jump on a flower to lick nectar, contra the humorous scenarios.