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Re: feathered ornithopods?

Mike Eagle wrote:

> HYPSILOPHODONTIDAE - Leaellynasaura in particular is an Early Cretaceous
> Australian (Otway and Strzelecki Groups) and is NOT a New Zealand per
> se. dinosaur. 

Yep, I knew that. :-)  Sorry if my message didn't make that clear.  So far,
all dinosaur species described from Australia are unique to that continent.

> Unlike Australain Cretaceous dinosaurs, the New Zealand population was
> geographically constrained and unable to migrate seasonally. 

Could polar ice have linked New Zealand to Australia during the winter?  

Thanks for a very interesting post!

And now for something completely different...

To clarify something I said in a previous post, regarding the giant squid
washed up on Australia...  The 'urban myth' I was referring to concerns the
idea that undersea squids have a propensity to attack sperm whales with the
aid of giant suckers on their tentacles.  The latter do turn up with sucker
marks on their skin, but these marks are small (~ inch across - not the
dinner-plate-sized sucker marks of lore).  Further, as Richard Ellis will
tell you, the sucker marks are probably due to the squid struggling to avoid
becoming the whale's next meal.  Nor are giant squids known to attack ships
and their hapless crew.



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