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Breaking all attachments

I anticipate that this will cause much confusion and some anger, but
hopefully it will be quite temporary.  Those of you on the VRTPaleo
list are well aware that USC has a filter that will block all
attachments and html encoded text (in principle anyways) from being
distributed through its mailing lists.  I've just asked for this
filter to be placed upon mail going through the dinosaur list.

Many of you have virus filters in place between yourselves and the
listprocessor and thus have been spared the several distributions of
Klez and its compatriots.  I'm actually protected by such a filter as
well, but I have to deal with a bit of cleanup after each incidence,
and I have to worry about the list as a continued source of
propagation among those of you who are not protected.  And so it comes
to pass that I am taking the only effective action I can take to see
to it that no more viruses are sent through the dinosaur list.

I have not done this until now for two reasons: 1) I've been told for
quite some time that computer support at USC is about to implement a
filter specific for viruses, much like the one that protects many of
us already, and 2) well...  if you're not on VRTPaleo you'll soon see.

This list has always discouraged the sending of attachments, but we've
generally complained about it only when the attachments were image
files and other such things that tend to be large and unreadable to a
big segment of our population.  We generally haven't complained about
html encoded messages (unless the color scheme offended Mary's
aesthetic sense :-)  Many of you send such things to the list without
even being aware that you're doing it.  Now if you do, most (if not
all) of us will not see the contents of your message.  You should have
configured your mailers to format messages to the dinosaur list as
plain text only anyways, but now it is imperative that you do so or
your messages will be blank for all intents and purposes.

As soon as USC has installed their virus filter we will remove the
no-attachments filter, and hopefully life will return to those halcyon
days of last fall when most of us had never heard of Klez.

Together we'll ride out the storms.

Your humble administrator,
Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)