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Re: Shenzhouraptor sinensis

ekaterina A wrote-

> > Chinese Academy of Sciences news(Chinese with photo)
> > http://www.cas.ac.cn/shownews.asp?id=200207230003
> This photo from Mr. Kazuo is really fascinating. It
> seems to have such a long tail despite the fingers on
> the arm being fused. It is a real mix of interesting
> features. One the whole it does look like
> Archaeopteryx. I would be great to be hear more about
> this from the experts.

What an interesting specimen.  I can't wait to read the description in
Nature.  It seems to be quite small (.53 m), toothless, with twenty-five
caudal vertebrae and an unreversed hallux, from the Yixian Formation of
course.  Perhaps it's a yandangithid (yes, Cai and Zhao formed the family
name incorrectly), as Yandangornis also has no teeth, over twenty caudals
and an unreversed hallux.  The manus looks fairly derived, though it's hard
to see in such a small photo.

Mickey Mortimer