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Re: Shenzhouraptor sinensis

On Tue, 23 Jul 2002, Mickey Mortimer wrote:
 Perhaps it's a yandangithid (yes, Cai and Zhao formed the family
> name incorrectly)

Yes, they did, but since it was named in 1999 (before the stipulations for
family-level nomenclature of the fourth edition of the Code took effect),
it should be emended to Yandangornithidae, as per the rules of the
3rd edition. The genus is also spelled "Yandangornia" and
"Yangdangronis" in the paper, but it doesn't mean we're stuck with these
either. I would strongly suggest using the proper title of
Yandangornithidae so that a truly unfortunate misspelling does not become
entrenched in popular use. We sure could use a first reviewer on this
taxon...anyone up for it?

-Christian Kammerer