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Re: Jeholornis - long-tailed bird in today's Nature

Tim Williams wrote:

That's right - a bird with a long dromaeosaurid-like tail, complete
with elongated and rod-like prezygapophyses and chevrons. _Jeholornis_ also has a T-shaped lacrimal; toothless upper jaw with a few teeth in the lower jaw (these are small and conical); short
sternum; robust boomerang-like furcula; a forelimb to hindlimb ratio
of about 1.2; three large and recurved unguals on the hand; a reversed hallux; pedal claws consistent with perching; and a
large claw on the second toe "reminiscent of the situation of dromaeosaurids and troodontids".

Curious and rather unusual.

Last rites for BAND?

Perhaps. :o)

Nick Gardner
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