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I have some questions regarding Sapeornis
chaoyangensis . May be all this was discussed on the
list before but I was kept away from all this by work
(so I apologize for being repetitive).

The tree shown in the Zhou et al shows Sapeornis as
the next most primitive bird after Archaeopteryx.
However, in the text they talk of the long ulna and
fused Metacarpal 2 and 3. Al these going through
Paul's book seem to be derivations of more advanced
birds. Also it seems to have a nice stout pygostyle.
So is Sapeornis really so primitive? Have any of you
all (Messrs. Mortimer or Headden?) added Rahonavis and
seen what it does to the tree? I have not read this
Jehlornis paper,but will be reading it shortly. Is
Sapeornis truely the largest avian dinosaur of the
Early Cretaceous?

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