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To all:
Have any of you heard any details about the small asteroid discovered
last week that may make a fairly close approach on February 2, 2019?  If
so, could you pass along any info you might have?

Jim and List,

This just in from my JPL e-alert for such things.

For JPL internal use only.


Asteroid may hit Earth but don't panic yet
July 24, 2002

LONDON (AP) -- Astronomers are carefully monitoring a newly discovered
1.2-mile-wide (2 km) asteroid to see whether it is on a collision course
with Earth.

Initial calculations indicate there is a chance the asteroid - known as 2002
NT7 - will hit the Earth on February 1, 2019. But scientists said Wednesday
that the calculations are preliminary and the risk to the planet is low.

"The threat is very minimal," Donald Yeomans, of NASA's Jet Propulsion
Laboratory in Pasadena, California, told British Broadcasting Corp. radio.
"An object of this size would be expected to hit the Earth every few million
years, and as we get additional data I think this threat will go away."

The object was detected on July 9 by the Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid
Research Project in New Mexico. It orbits the sun every 837 days, and NASA
scientists predict its path could intersect with the Earth's orbit. But they
say more observations over the coming months will help them plot its course
more accurately.

Thomas R. Lipka
Geobiological Research
Baltimore, Md. USA