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Re: 2nd toe (was Jeholornis)

>>The alula prevents 'stalling' during slow flight, by forming a slot that
directs air over the wings - useful in preventing crash landings.  Its
presence or absence probably had little effect on fluttering between trees.<<

A clarifiction, not a counter-argument (as it seems we both agree on the major
I did not say "fluttering between trees", I said fluttering around _in_ trees.
That is, moving from one place in a tree to another by flying rather than
climbing.  I'll say no more since this is just idle speculation, and I have no
hard date whatsoever to back it up, but I wonder how nessisary an alula is to
this sort of very short-range flight.
(sidenote: bats don't fly from one perch to another, they climb)