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RE: plates in dodson's "the horned dinosaurs"


If you have the trade paperback* version of the book, it may not have
the color plates.  I'm not sure.  (They could be in black and white in
the paperback) - I could check with Peter, but this is the wrong time of
the year to check with him.  (I think he may be in the field now).  

I can't check my copy, it's the hardback version, and it's in storage
right now.   
Allan Edels 

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On Wed, 24 Jul 2002, Robert J. Schenck wrote:
> this is a very trivial question, but i just purchased
> this book online, used, over the amazon system.  It
> seems to be missing the color plates.  Does anyone
> have this book, and if so, between what pages are the
> plates.  I apologize for this nuisance, however i am
> going ot be quite furious with the seller if this was
> missing from the book and they didnt mention it. 
> Perhaps this is a well known mistprinting of the
> edition I have, or perhaps i am just as blind as a bat
> to not notice six full color plates in the middle of
> the book.  either way, thanks in advance.

I have the hard bound edition and it has 6 color plates following
page 122 at the end of chapter 4.