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M. Bucklandi

Does anybody know when the Paper on Megalosaurus will be released? (I'm still trying to draw an accurate representation of this dinosaur, but I'm too late for the Prehistoric Times unfortunatly).

I'm surprised by the number of femora assigned to Megalosaurus (Where did you get this info Nicholas?)
I only know of a left femur from Stonesfield -length approx 74cm, Oxford University Museum, and a right from near chipping Norton -length approx 76cm, now on display in the Stroud museum (near my home).

Hopefully, OUM curator Philip Powel will provide me with the limb circumference so I can use the Lyellian principle to get an estimate of the holotype's weight. (I've already calculated one dinosaur, Metriacanthosaurus parkeri, to be just over 800kg using this method)

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