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Re: Megalosaurids

Thanks for the PDW summary! I just wanted to clarify one point.

--- Sean Carroll <sean@kua.net> wrote:
> He first set up the 'Intertheropoda', a group intermediate between the
> Ceratosauria and the 'Avetheropoda' (roughly equivalent to the
> Tetanurae).

_Avetheropoda_ is not equivalent to _Tetanurae_; it is equivalent to
_Neotetanurae_. _Tetanurae_ is a broader stem-based clade descending from the
first ancestor of modern birds which was not also an ancestor of
_Ceratosaurus_; it includes _Megalosaurus_, _Spinosauridae_, etc. while
_Avetheropoda/Neotetanurae_ does not. Holtz 1994 used Paul's _Avetheropoda_ for
Clade(_Allosaurus_ + modern birds). In his phylogeny it had the same content as
Paul's taxon, but a different internal topology. Sereno et al. 1994 (which I
believe was just barely published earlier) used _Neotetanurae_ for the exact
same clade. Which term you use depends on whether you want to follow seniority
of nomination or of phylogenetic definition.

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