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Re: Re[1] Quetzalcoatlus questions

dexter dexter wrote:

> > But Quetz doesn't appear to be at the upper size limit for pterosaur flight 
> > either.
> Really? What is?

Without doing any structural calculations to investigate it -- off the top of 
my head, about 42 feet.
Much more than that, and I'd want to take some hard looks at the structure and 

> So it couldn't dive deep... I was thinking it would rather dive in lakes 
> instead of rivers to avoid
> crashing at the bottom of the stream bed...

Why would it want to do either?  It appears more likely to have been a flat 
water skimmer.  Plus, my
guess is that the overflow lakes it may have been prone to use were likely more 
shallow than the
adjacent rivers anyway.  They are around my neck of the woods.