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Artwork, Aucasaurus,...

Hi dino-listers,

I'm slightly coming back on a list free of viruses as it seems:-)
First, apologies for ... errr... well, I'd better not post when I'm tired.

HP Dave Friend has uploaded some drawings, recent or less recent, on
Prehistorics Illustrated:

HP Rob Gay still told me that coelophysioids' hands cannot pronate, I'll
correct it in further drawings. Any comment is welcome, on-list or off-list,
as you prefer.
Among others you'll see _Archosaurus rossicus_, _Riojasuchus tenuiceps_,
_Protohadros byrdi_, _Gastonia burgi_, _Chaoyangsaurus_, a comic-strip-like
illustration of Skippy... and a surprise!


As I'm on artwork...
http://thunderlizard.gn.apc.org/ : awesome artwork, HP Steve White! I
especially like the ink + colour drawings, the style reminds me a bit
William Stout, but also some good comic-strip artists.
But I'm a bit surprised by _Ornitholestes_: could the hindlimbs of theropods
have moved like this?:
http://thunderlizard.gn.apc.org/pics/ornith.jpg (one of my early drawings
was a bit like this).


http://www.cmnh.org/dinoarch/2002Jul/msg00294.html :
For comparison of the hands of _Aucasaurus_ and _Carnotaurus_, I've found
It's taken from
http://www.dinoarte.cl/anatomia.html where there's also interesting stuff
about _Piatnitzkysaurus_, _Amargasaurus_ and _Kritosaurus_.


_Shenzhouraptor_: the link with the image of the skeleton doesn't work for
me. Could someone send me the image? Thanks in advance.
 Very interesting finds, those two fossils!

Friendly - Luc J. "Aspidel" BAILLY.