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Re: Artwork, Aucasaurus,...

From: "Daniel Bensen"

> It's great to see some of your pictures finally get onto the net.
> I especially like the wonderful plants all these dinosaurs are walking

Many thanks, Dan.

> Are the plants accurate for the time and place?

I tried to do so. For _Riojasuchus_, I've tried to repoduce the Triassic
typical _Dicroidium_ flora. For others, I've drawn ferns, conifers,
_Ginkgoales_, but I didn't have the informations I got for my _Paralititan_
for example, so it's speculation (I hope it's quite likely). The most
important for me was to keep "the hand" and to work on my own style, to show
what I can do and to get critics when I need 'em.

e.g., IIRC there was a forest with big trees in the Yixian formation.

I hope to have a website of my own this winter.

Friendly - Aspidel.