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Re: Shenzhouraptor--additional info

Ben Creisler wrote-

> More info on Shenzhouraptor can be read at (all one line):
> http://english.peopledaily.com.cn/200207/23/
> eng20020723_100179.shtml
> Qi seems to suggest there were TWO types birds that
> evolved from theropods--birds that achieved flight from
> the trees down and birds that achieved flight by running.

Note the photo is of Liaoningornis.
Regarding the Shenzhouraptor-Jeholornis link-
Shenzhouraptor is supposedly toothless, but Jeholornis has a toothless
maxilla and three dentary teeth.  But the dentary teeth/alveoli in
Shenzhouraptor could have been missed, or the dentary unpreserved.
Shenzhouraptor is said to have twenty-five caudal vertebrae, but Jeholornis
has twenty-two.  Perhaps the translation of the first Shenzhouraptor webpage
was inaccurate in this regard, the new page only says "more than twenty".
Shenzhouraptor reportedly has an unreversed hallux, but Jeholornis' is
claimed to be reversed.  However, Shenzhouraptor's feet are articulated,
while Jeholornis' are not.
I'll have to wait for the description of Shinzhouraptor to be certain, but
for now it seems the reported differences can be accounted for.

Mickey Mortimer