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Re: Moroccan noasaurid?

Jaime Headden wrote-

>   What could be cerebral hemispheres are small. I also suggested that
> these may be part of the dorsal cranial sinus system, part of a dorsally
> pneumatic braincase as in maniraptorans. This is merely plausible, and
> suggests perhaps a brain cooling function in analogy to that of some birds
> with trabecular dorsal frontals. As for the olfactory bulbs, typically
> there is a trend to reduced them with increased eyes, inversely for
> increased sense of smell. Absence of tiny bulla for proposed endocranial
> width does not rule out maniraptoran affinity.

Far be it for me to argue on braincase anatomy, but I would hope Dale
Russell knows his crania.
Regarding the olfactory bulb issue, anyone have data on their size in
coelophysoids (Rob Gay perhaps)?  These have large orbits and were basal
enough to be expected to have unreduced olfactory bulbs.

Mickey Mortimer