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RE: Moroccan noasaurid?

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Jaime Headden wrote-

>   What could be cerebral hemispheres are small. I also suggested that
> these may be part of the dorsal cranial sinus system, part of a dorsally
> pneumatic braincase as in maniraptorans. This is merely plausible, and
> suggests perhaps a brain cooling function in analogy to that of some birds
> with trabecular dorsal frontals. As for the olfactory bulbs, typically
> there is a trend to reduced them with increased eyes, inversely for
> increased sense of smell. Absence of tiny bulla for proposed endocranial
> width does not rule out maniraptoran affinity.

Far be it for me to argue on braincase anatomy, but I would hope Dale
Russell knows his crania.
I'm sure Dale knows his crania very well, as well as his skeleton :)

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