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Re: 2nd toe (was Jeholornis)

Tim Williams wrote-

> I've also heard that _Patagopteryx_ has this feature (can anyone confirm -
> Mickey M.?).  _Rahonavis_ certainly does, in conjunction with that
> formidable sickle-claw.  This feature may or not be present in
> - this isn't mentioned in the text (I'll check the Suppl. Info.).

Chiappe et al. (1999) state- "...the predatorial specializations of digit II
... retained to a lesser degree in certain more advanced birds, such as
Patagopteryx deferrariisi (Chiappe, 1996)."  Chiappe (1996) does not
describe the pes of Patagopteryx as being raptorial in any way.  Phalanx
II-2 has a massive proximoventral articular lip, but it is not proximally
extended like sickle-clawed taxa.  Similarly, the distal articular surface
of phalanx II-1 is not expanded dorsally.  The second digits ungual is about
93% of digit III's ungual.  So I have no idea what Chiappe et al. were
referring to.

Mickey Mortimer