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Re: More on Parasaurolophus

From: "Nicholas Gardner"

> What horizon/formation did Parasaurolophus hail from?
> What type of dinosaurs (including avians) are known from there?

Judith River Group. You'll find more informations here:
http://personal2.stthomas.edu/jstweet/fauna.htm  Alas this page doesn't
include avians.

> Does anyone think it was possible that hypsilophodontids hunted bugs near
> colonies of hadrosaurs like in "The Presence of Dinosaurs"?

There're 2 possibilities IMHO: either _Parasaurolophus_ accept _Orodromeus_
in the herd, or there's a more aggressive leader in the herd which drives
_Orodromeus_ out. Personnally I prefer the first one. Imagining the
behaviour of dinosaurs is always speculation, but isn't it what paleoartists
like to do?

Friendly - Aspidel.