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RE: Shenzhouraptor--additional info

Mickey Mortimer wrote:

> Shenzhouraptor reportedly has an unreversed hallux, but Jeholornis' is
> claimed to be reversed.  However, Shenzhouraptor's feet are articulated,
> while Jeholornis' are not.  I'll have to wait for the description of 
> Shinzhouraptor to be certain, but for now it seems the reported 
> differences can be accounted for.

I wonder, also, if _Jeholornis_ might be the same as the North Korean bird
named "Proornis" (not sure if it qualifies a valid name yet).  The two at
least appear to be very closely related.

Nicholas Gardner wrote:

> Reyw, vyr U;n dixyaws ib rgw rtow aowxuwa. 

Couldn't have said it better myself!



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