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Re: Dinosaur Genera List update #187

George Olshevsky wrote-

> Palaeocursornis Kessler & JurcsÃk, 1986*
>     = Eurolimnornis Kessler, 1987/Kessler & JurcsÃk, 1986*
>     = Limnornis Kessler & JurcsÃk, 1984/Gould, 1839*
>     = Palaeocursornis JurcsÃk & Kessler, 1985 [nomen nudum]*
>     = Palaeolimnornis JurcsÃk & Kessler, 1985 [nomen nudum]*
>     P. corneti (Kessler & JurcsÃk, 1984) Bock & BÃhler, 1996â*
>         = Limnornis corneti Kessler & JurcsÃk, 1984 (in part)â*
>         = Eurolimnornis corneti (Kessler & JurcsÃk, 1984) Kessler &
> 1986*
>         = Palaeolimnornis corneti (Kessler & JurcsÃk, 1984) JurcsÃk &
> Kessler, 1985â*
>         = Palaeocursornis biharicus JurcsÃk & Kessler, 1985 [nomen
>         = Palaeocursornis biharicus Kessler & JurcsÃk, 1986â*

I had the fun of reading Bock and Buhler 1996 several times over trying to
sort out this nomenclatural mess a few weeks ago.  I have a few comments-
I thought that Palaeolimnornis corneti was a nomen nudum, as Palaeolimnornis
is a nomen nudum.
Also, why is Eurolimnornis corneti (Kessler and Jurcsak, 1986) included as a
junior synonym, when that taxon is valid (well, based on a different
specimen at least)?  Eurolimnornis corneti (Kessler, 1987), the junior
homonym, is a junior synonym of Palaeocursornis corneti.
That's how I understood Bock and Buhler at least, perhaps I misread it.

> Luanpingosaurus Cheng vide Chen, 1996 [nomen nudum]
>     L. jingshanensis Cheng vide Chen, 1996â
> NOTE: Wang et al., 2000 (Vertebrata PalAsiatica 38: 92) list
> as a synonym of Psittacosaurus (R. E. Molnar, pers. comm.).

At last!  That genus can be deleted from the Dinosauria incertae sedis
But is it a different species of Psittacosaurus (P. jingshanensis), or a
junior synonym of another species?

> [8] Jeholornis prima-----------------------------------
> The abstract of the article notes that Jeholornis had a long,
> dromaeosaurid-like tail with elongated zygapophyses. Indeed, the
> of the animal is so close to that of a flying dromaeosaurid that I must
> include it among the nonavian dinosaurs, so it becomes name #948 in the
> Dinosaur Genera List, and I won't even asterisk it as probably avian. Greg
> Paul predicted the existence of flying dromaeosaurids about a decade and a
> half ago, and this might just be one such. I also think a comparison with
> Rahonavis is called for.

As both Tom and I have said, the tail is not very dromaeosaurid-like.  As
much as I would love to have a flying deinonychosaur found, Jeholornis is
not it.  Rahonavis is more similar to deinonychosaurs, as is Archaeopteryx
for that matter.  I've seen no reason to place Jeholornis outside Aves, and
expect it to fall out by Sapeornis and Yandangornis.  Paravian phylogeny is
extremely uncertain at present of course, so virtually anything is possible,
but leaving out the asterisk in your list seems inappropriate to me.

Mickey Mortimer