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RE: Theses and Megalosaurids

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>> I've really tried to be civil Jaime, but your insistance on this is quite
Now children, if you can't play nicely...(right looks who's talking about
playing nice :) )
 >> As you quoted, Dan said he would prefer to have his new taxa
be referred to simply as new taxa, without their names given.  And I did
just that.  If Dan does not have a problem with this, why should you?
And why should I obey your dictates as to how to handle nomina nuda (don't
mention them), compared to Tracy's for instance (mentioning is fine, just
don't diagnose)?  The only reason I haven't been giving names of Dan's taxa
recently is because of his personal request not to.<<
Here I get named again, don't know if that's good or bad. But to put in my 2
cents, and for what I'm doing on my lists, I will 'use' the information in a
theses but not the name. I will put genus or species nova and author name. I
have no diagnoses in my lists so I don't have to worry about that.

>>Finally, why do you single out me in this "no mentioning nomina nuda"
crusade, while at least nine other DML members have mentioned Chure's names
onlist (some after Chure asked people not to), and I have yet to see you
chastise them?  It's extremely irritating being discriminated against like
So please stop.<<
Could be because you are the most vociferous (I bet that's the wrong word)
about using it? Or perhaps....wait, I don't do that anymore, I've learned
not to...I am not the paleo police...
I have no problem with mentioning nomen nuda, in fact sometimes that how we
learn about an important specimen, like the Korea bird 'Poornis' or what
ever its name. What Jamie (I think) and I have discussed on the list is or
the respect for the researcher and let them do their work and not print the
names of their work. I have in the past been a bit to zealous and have
spoken about things I shouldn't have, and I have now learned the best way to
deal with things, perhaps it was just age...

Sorry for that outburst everyone, time to get back to coding

Mickey Mortimer
Hey, I didn't get out of hand! Maybe there is hope for me...:)

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