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Swiss make Dinosaur Discovery * Drip effect of Dinosaur Water * Dinosaur Hunt in the Arctic - this week in DINOSAURNEWS.ORG

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The headlines:

**  Dinosaur Skeleton Reconstruction in Northeast China
Chinese experts and scientists from the United States have begun to
reconstruct a dinosaur skeleton following the establishment of a laboratory
to assemble fossils of ancient vertebrates in northeast China's Jilin

**  Drip drip effect of dinosaur water
Water said to have "dripped off the backs of dinosaurs" is being bottled and
sold to boost the finances of a small rural town in Australia

**  Swiss make dinosaur discovery
Swiss scientists working as part of an international team believe they have
discovered a previously unknown species of dinosaur in Morocco

**  Dinosaur Hunt in the Arctic
A large, heavy package containing a fossil from the arctic oceans of the
Mesozoic period is sitting in a storage shed behind the University of Alaska
Museum in Fairbanks


**  Long tail on fossil of ancient bird suggests links to dinosaurs
Larger than a modern crow, the creature provides the first hint of what
birds ate nearly 125 million years ago

**  Australian scientists uncover more fossilized fragments of dinosaur
Queensland Museum palaeontologist Scott Hocknull said the latest dig, in
Outback Queensland state, had uncovered 20 complete fossil bones and 400
bone fragments

**  Feature Site - Chinese Dinosaurs at the Australian Museum
Eleven real fossil dinosaurs from China will be on show until February 23

**  How the discovery of Eva the dinosaur has altered history
>From a distance, Eva looks like a heap of stones projecting from the
blood-red soil and rock of the Aude, in south-west France

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