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Re: P. Kremer and angiosperms

Your message gets through as an attachment. 

On Sun, 28 Jul 2002 StephanPickering@cs.com wrote:

>        Does anyone know the identity and current whereabouts of P. Kremer 
> who, in 1995, published a paper in Acta Botanica Neerlandica 44(4):469-480 on 
> angiosperm famialial life forms?
>        Also, be aware that CompuServe cuts off its connection to one within 
> less than a minute if one tries to use Outlook Express. Without success, I 
> have tried to get CompuServe to explain why their settings are like this, 
> unless it is some sort of "competition" between CompuServe and Microsoft (all 
> of this corporate bickering is tiresome). Hence, "plain text messaging" is 
> thwarted. Many avenues on the internet do not support CompuServe, so an 
> immediate solution might not be possible short of changing internet access 
> provider. 
>        If this message does get through, then I am in luck.