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Re: Stokesosaurus (was RE: Megalosaurids & Dinosaur Genera List u pdate #187)

Tom Holtz wrote:

> Actually, as Rauhut and I (different papers in press) have shown, even 
> the  ilium by itself (i.e., the type material) has derived features 
> otherwise  found only in tyrannosaurids and Eotyrannus. 

I certainly look forward to *those* papers.  Hopefully they'll feature an
honorary mention of _Siamotyrannus_ as well.

> Furthermore, there are tyrannosauroid-type premaxillary teeth 
> (described as "dromaeosaurid" teeth in Bakker's Gaia paper) from the 
> Morrison.  My suspicion (no more than that) is that THOSE teeth belong 
> to  the ilium and/or braincase, and that the premaxilla referred to 
> Stokesosaurus is another animal altogether. 

Neat.  The referral of the premaxilla to _Stokesosaurus_ has always been
precarious.  As mentioned previously, the tall and rectangular profile of
the premaxilla is more reminiscent of _Ceratosaurus_ than any tyrannosaur I
know.  Then again, the unusual shape doesn't preclude it from belonging to

Oliver Rauhut wrote:

> > The only overlapping remains are vertebrae - and _X._ needs to be 
> > re-described.  (This has been done by Oliver Rauhut; look forward to 
> > the paper.)
> Err, that's a project I still have in mind. Haven't got around doing it
> yet, though.

I actually had the entry on _Xuanhanosaurus_ in your dissertation in mind
when I made that comment.  I didn't mean to imply that a publication was
imminent.  Look forward to it whenever it comes out .... 




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