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Re: Microraptor contemporaries?

Michael Lovejoy wrote-

> Does anyone know what dinos, birds, mammals, fish etc. have been found in
the same horizon and
> locality as Microraptor?

Microraptor is from the Early Aptian(?) Jiufotang Formation.

BPM 1 3-13 (feathered deinonychosaur)
Shenzhouraptor sinensis
Jeholornis prima
Sapeornis chaoyangensis
Longipteryx chaoyangensis
Eocathayornis walkeri
Boluochia zhengi
"Cathayornis" caudatus
Cuspirostrisornis houi
Largirostrornis sexdentornis
Longchengornis sanyanensis
Sinornis santensis
Chaoyangia beishanensis
Songlingornis linghensis
Yanornis martini
Yixianornis grabaui
There are a few other taxa that have imprecise stratigraphic information,
which may be either from the Yixian Formation or the Jiufotang Formation.

Non-theropods taxa include-
Jinanichthys longicephalus
Lycoptera davidi
Lycoptera muroii
Peipiaosteus pani
Protosephurus liui
Psittacosaurus sp. (who knows which species have been found in the

Mickey Mortimer