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A couple of replies (was RE: Triceratops forelimb & RE: Stokesosaurus)

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> Danvarner@aol.com
>        Is there a pub forthcoming as a result of this project? I still
> haven't seen a decent photo of the new mount. There is an
> apparently digital
> image of the new mount at the Smithsonian that is extremely difficult to
> read:    http://www.mnh.si.edu/exhibits/triceratops/
>        It's been over a year after the "unveiling", what's the deal? Dr.
> Holtz? DV
Not my project!  Will ask around and see if any of the participants have
something in the works.  However, I will note that at least some prominent
internationally well-known ornithischian paleontologists do not agree with
the posture and a few other aspects of that mount.

RE: Stokesosaurus, from Nick Longrich
>       Personally I'd like to see what the Liaoning beds present in the
> way of tyrannosaurids.

As would I!!!

> We've got dromaeosaurids, troodontids,
> therizinosaurs, oviraptorosaurs, it will probably just be a matter of
> time until many of the other branches of the theropod family tree show
> up.

Some sooner rather than later... :-)

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