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RE: Erliansaurus bellamanus

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Segnosaur from the Iren Debasu Formation announced by Xu, Zhang, Sereno,
Kwang and Tan, that is intermediate between basal forms and
therizinosaurids?  Sound familiar anyone?  Good to see another segnosaur
described, wonder if the forelimb elements and caudals associated with
Alectrosaurus belong to this taxon.  Also, I wonder if Erliansaurus is
compared to Alxasaurus.  The lack of comparison between Neimongosaurus and
Alxasaurus was confusing given their close phylogenetic position.

Mickey Mortimer<<

Therizinosaurs from the Iren Dabasu isn't knew, CURRIE & EBERTH, 1993 also
DONG, 1992

Currie, P. J., and Eberth, D. A., 1993, Palaeontology, sedimentology and
palaeoecology of the Iren Dabasu Formation (Late Cretaceous), Inner
Mongolia, People’s Republic of China: Cretaceous Research, v. 14, p.

Dong, Z.-M., 1992, Dinosaurian Faunas of China: China Ocean Press, 188pp.

Apparently these specimens are a lot more fragmentary than Erliansaurus and
I too would be interested to see if they refer some of the Alectrosaurus
material to it.

Years ago while visiting the AMNH I found this big claw. I showed Phil
Currie it and he said it was a therizinosaurid (also from Iren Dabasu). So
maybe this claw
belongs to Erliansaurus.

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