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RE: Jeholornis prima discussion


> -- News to me that Shenzhou means China. I only know Zhongguo ( =
> middle country). But that's obviously just me, lacking knowledge of 
> Chinese terms for Chinese history. :-)

The name _Shenzhouraptor_ *might* be a nod to very recent Chinese history...

"Shenzhou" happens to be the name of a Chinese spacecraft, and the name
translates loosely as 'divine vessel'.  Or so says space.com.  Perhaps -
like _Confuciusornis_ and _Changchengornis_ - the authors are seeking to
commemorate icons in Chinese history (past and present).  If the name
_Shenzhouraptor_ does contain a reference to the Chinese space program, then
there's the additional allusion to flight. 

Just don't expect an "Opiumwarraptor" or "Kublaikhanornis" to emanate from




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