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RE: Richardoestesia vs. Ricardoestesia (again)

At 12:10 AM 7/31/2002, Jaime A. Headden wrote:
Such an accident requires a person placing an "h"
into each and every occurance _but one_ of the name, and unless the
proofer was _told_ this to do, there is no other way it could occur than
to have been in the original manuscript. Which, I admit, could easily have been an accident. The "h" is nowhere near the sequence on a QWERTY _or_ ASCII keyboard for typing "Ricardoestesia" to have been accidentally keyed in. Otherwise, one is calling into question the ethics of the proofer/editor of the Columbia University volume, which, given the esteem of that institution, I find completely untenable. It may very well be accidental, but the evidence does not seem to favor this conclusion. I am coming at this from the side that a person must have helmed the inclusion of an "h" whether at the manuscript or proofing levels. Also, galleys are sent back to confirm proofing to the primary author (Currie) and it is unlikely that he would have overlooked the systematic use of a name.

Not that I am defending any side, I can see this happening as an accident. I remember problems with spell checks in early word processors. I specifically remember them doing a "replace all" when the were not supposed to, or not doing a "replace all" when they were. I also remember some of them wanting to invent spelling for some words. I can see either:
1. someone accidentally replaced all and added in the correct spelling when inserting the figure caption in later.
2. correcting the spelling in the one place and thinking it replaced all.

I am not sure that this argument is going anywhere. I think the how and why's have long been left in the dust and we are stuck with the ICZN's rules for naming, regardless of what the authors originally wanted. Maybe there was not more of a fuss kicked up because we think it is a bigger deal than the authors. ;-)

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